Nearly 20,000 pounds of trash removed from one of the biggest accumulations of ocean plastic in the world


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Partly yes, but there’s reason to be optimistic.

The problem is in essence a simple input/output issue;

  1. A lot is going in; so how do we stop it?
  2. how in God’s name do we clean it up?

Problem 2 is harder technically, due to the shear size of the ocean and the fact that the garbage moves, but this is a huge step into cleaning it.

Which brings us to Problem 1 that is technically easier, but politically and socially harder to solve. However, there two main sources of garbage input;

  1. Fishing industry
  2. Rivers

The fishing industry is producing about 70-80% of all plastic waste into the oceans, while the last ~30% is land-originated through rivers collecting and carrying it downstream into the oceans. In reality there’s actually a handful main offenders, which makes it a very manageable problem to solve. See more here on Ocean Cleanup’s Interceptor.

As far as the fishing industry goes, there we need political and social action to change their ways, which can only happen starting with a good storyline. Something like, we’re trying to clean up the ocean, that’s our contribution, and it would be very helpful to not have to do it due to the main cause.

I know it seems impossible, but it all seems impossible until it’s not. Like cleaning the ocean at such a scale.

Hope this helps to view this in a more positive light.

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