Luxembourg first in Europe to legalise growing and using cannabis


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I think the research also shows that in areas that legalise weed people start using less opiates and less alcohol, two substances which are both much more harmful than weed. So you would need to see what the rates are for people who switch over to weed from more harmful drugs before you could say if it actually increased net risk or reduced it. It's like vaping, vaping isn't good for you, it has health risks, but it is better for you than smoking cigarettes... so if 90% of the people who are vaping have either moved to vaping from cigarettes, or have taken up vaping instead of taking up cigarettes, then the introduction of vaping is actually reducing the health risks/harm overall, without it there would just be more people smoking. Same with weed, without t you have more people drinking and using opiates, which are way more harmful.

Also, not just 'on reddit, weed is considered harmless' - a lot of pharmacists/government advisers also believe it should be legalised. As David Nutt pointed out - Do you think allowing people to ride horses is regressive? Because it is way more dangerous riding a horse than it is smoking a joint or taking ecstasy. Horse Riding (1 serious adverse event every ~350 exposures) vs taking ecstasy (1 serious adverse event every ~10,000 exposures).

You would have to be so risk averse to consider it regressive that it would really affect your position on so many things in ridiculous ways if you were actually trying to be consistent in your positions. Horse riding, skydiving, skiing, using a deep fat fryer, vaping, high sugar foods, high fat foods are all regressive on the basis of their health risks in that view

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