Gay Afghan burned by Taliban says international LGBT community has ‘forgot about us’


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A gay man from Afghanistan who was burned by a Taliban member has said he is "Shocked" by the lack of support and solidarity shown by the international LGBT+ community.

Sohil - whose surname has been withheld to protect his identity - is a young gay Afghan whose life was thrown into disarray when the Taliban seized power in August.

Sohil is terrified for the future and he is desperate to get out of Afghanistan so he can start a new life away from the Taliban.

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20 years of U.S. military effort didn't stop the Taliban and their barbaric behavior. It's terrible right now for anyone who isn't a straight, male religious zealot. Oh, and in the exactly "correct" sect of Islam per these particular zealots. It's a theocratic nightmare.

The only way to even maybe stop it would be another full invasion and occupation of the country. And that would likely be another broken and temporary "fix" if they don't have enough internal will to change.

We should though be helping to get as many of the people out as possible who are victims and intended victims of Taliban brutality.

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The Afghani people need to stick up for themselves. They had two decades of modern military training, nearly unlimited access to weapons, nearly unlimited resources provided to them by allied nations.

The public could have crushed radical Islam during the time the country was occupied. They didn't.

They had another chance to fight back and destroy the Taliban when it began sweeping the nation. They didn't.

They could still organize and destroy all elements of the Taliban in each infected population center. They aren't doing it.

I feel for the non-insane people of Afghanistan, but there's nothing else the rest of the world can do anymore. They need to step up themselves and crush the radical Islam that is terrorizing them once more.

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Right? Yknow how many times soldiers would catch Afghan tribe leaders with young boys? And were told not to intervene or we’d lose an ally?

But then, the same group goes around killing gays.

Plus, literally, what the ever loving fuck can be done? The Afghan Army collapsed faster than…fuck, I got nothing. They had ample training and resources.

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No, not forgotten, though sometimes I would like to forget about that country.

Your country is not ready to accept people like you. You should leave.

Forcing acceptance at this stage would have to be very barbaric in order to work, and that comes with other issues. Leaving is better.

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The simple reason why this article is not fron the NY Times or the Guardian: It does not align with their simplistic mantras. The vocal activist crowd that drowns out reason in media, that normally puts LGBT rights above everything, is also by default Islamist-sympathizing insofar as they usually strawman all critique of Islam, or better Islamism, as "racist islamophobe".

They have hedged their bet already with making out Palestinians as the default victims and Israelis as evil by default.
Now once you have attached your political vessel that solidly to an oversimplified narrative that brazen, your gated institutional narrative becomes fragile to cases of LGBT victims like this poor person.
They are dangerous and need to be swiped under the rug.
The most important thing is the gated institutional narrative, and that is by default that islamists are victims.
So, in this case, screw the Afghan LGBTQs, we have a firm grip on the tap of the information flow from there, and will certainly only report what fits our narrative. If our brown islamist brothers don't want them, then its their culture and we need to kowtow.

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