Greta Thunberg: ‘We need public pressure, not just summits’


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I’m involved in the energy sector.

We can go to a 100% renewable energy production, just not feasibly… yet.

Renewable generation can already easily supply the worlds energy needs however predictability of individual generative sources and mixing them to create reliable base load is almost prohibitively complex.

In Australia we have substantial renewables productions, however as experienced with all grids around the world, we have major energy deficits during the evenings and nights, we have major surplus of energy during the day.
The answer to this and also the reason we’re not ready yet is battery storage technology and a concept we call “battery load shifting”
We already use this concept in many ways, including hydrodam storage.

Battery storage still has much way to come, we’re seeing interesting new engineering developments on the iron air battery front, mixed hydrogen batteries… but they’re simply not ready yet to run at the scale needed to balance the grid requirements.

This is where nuclear fits in.
With nuclear we have new reactor designed (I.e molten salt reactors) which have inherit safety systems and almost zero emissions.

Allowing nuclear to be a transitional generative source whilst we continue to develop battery storage is the logical step in going 100% renewable.

(In my opinion) There’s three roads we can take:
1. The easier road, which is a transitive nuclear and renewable approach with a plan to replace nuclear with battery (or some other technology that doesn’t exist yet) at the right time, allowing us to accelerate the spin down of environmentally damaging generators.
2. The hardest/“purist road” - 100% renewables and no nuclear, today.
I find this approach pretty silly, it’ll be the most crippling of the roads. Rolling blackouts, financially prohibitive energy access… list goes on.

  1. The do nothing approach.
    Hey it won’t be our generation that has to deal with it right?

Go for option 1!

Anyways, look I think it’s unfair to say renewables can’t take up the mantle…

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