German court jails IS bride for crimes against humanity


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Yea the Kurds and Iraqis should just let their fingers slip and say oops. We need to decide a point at which it is too far to turn back from. These people chose to live by the gun, they should be honoured to die by it. People who protest for their rights clearly haven't watched a single torture video that they posted.

I have to disagree. While i'm all for ISIS members experiencing nothing but shit for the rest of their lives, there are some people who believe that all humans - regardless of their actions - have certain rights which cannot be taken away. Just pointing out that a person can know how horrible ISIS is, and still believe they have certain rights (i'm not even saying i'm one of those people, just that rights advocates exist)

Whats the point of jailing these people? Do you want them to redicalise people in jail?

The point of jailing people is to remove them from society and from other humans they might injure in the future. It's a good system, especially if you want to avoid the state murdering people (which is a terrible idea because we see again and again that innocent people have been executed and later exonerated, that mistakes are made, that executing people is super expensive, and that it demeans the society as a whole to kill people)

The radicalization thing is a valid point, perhaps they need a separate jail facility or wing for jihadi types? I'm sure people would howl about how unfair it is, but it's a simple fact that they tend to radicalize other people in jail.

Whats the point of rehab for these people. Would you feel comfortable knowing your children could possibly be meters away at a shopping mall from a human butcher who doesn't believe others have a right to live? Who believe the sole purpose of women is walking wombs. All people think stuff like this in passing, but it takes a certain hatred to be willing to leave civilization and actually join them in their quest.

"all people think stuff like this in passing"? you think women are walking wombs sometimes? maybe I misunderstood your paragraph.

What's the point of rehab? What's the alternative if you aren't going to stoop to executing people?

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