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Our great American freedom which you and I enjoy, savor and relish has been subject to attack countless times by the democratic radical left with contrived deceitful schemes. Perhaps the worst of them is the Critical Race Theory (CRT).John Hinderaker, president of The American Experience, states that the CRT “is one of the great evils of our time.” Surely it is definitely not a new way of looking at our history and is nothing more than old fashioned racism whose theory is to pit people of color against white people.Their main megillah is that there is systemic racism in the United States and it is rooted in the founding of our freedom and democracy and is embedded in our legal systems, politics and religion. It rejects fundamental ideas upon which our constitution is based. CRT divides people into categories like oppressed and oppressor and even encourages intolerance.It teaches that racism is part of our everyday life. Is that something that we need our youth to be taught? I think NOT!I would guess that the problem of racism has been with us since the beginning of time and it is still with us, but not nearly to the extent that some factions think.America has several domestic enemies and I am totally convinced that the Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter are among them. I state that they are enemies because they do nothing to combat racism but fan the flames of racism. They are nothing more than harmful, hurtful, damaging and destructive ideological concepts that undermine our basic precepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.I do not believe that there are any races that are victims or oppressed. But I do believe that there are those who fall victim to their own ignorance, laziness and poor decision making.Racism would basically be dead in this country if it weren’t for certain people and groups that want to put it on life-support and the more you talk about it, the bigger it becomes.How about teaching our fine youth of today concepts like kindness, obedience, respect, character and dignity? Wouldn’t that make a significant change in their mind and behavior?Perhaps instead of the focusing on the deadly poison filled subject of CRT, focus on teaching and informing students about World War 2 and discover how it has impacted who you are now. I would wager that there is not even one student that can clearly state when World War 2 began, who was involved and where it started.World War 2 changed us dramatically. We became a nation of people who were bound together and united in one common goal. It helped us raise our personal standards. It helped build strong families and establish good work ethics. We learned responsibility for ourselves and cherish what we love and build a sense of gratitude for what we have. Character building became a by-product by serving in our military. We developed a good sense of justice, a foundation of love for our country, patriotism, honor and respect. It also taught us to obey our laws and strive to become a good citizen. And the list grows long…These concepts united us rather than divide us and consequently made us feel more like a community that cares about each other.Wouldn’t it be a wonderful to teach these concepts of our great American heritage rather than teaching history through a lens of systemic racism and groups of inclusion and exclusion?I don’t claim to know the mind of Jesus, but I do believe he wants us to avoid what is not right or not good or is not pleasing to him and NOT look for the differences between us. We already are astute enough to recognize them and know that they exist…but what I think he wants is for us to look past those things and look for and focus on the good and the things that are alike between us that bring us together…and then embrace them…and that’s love, and that’s what brings life to both of us.

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