Daughter of former Saudi official says kingdom attempted to lure her to consulate in Istanbul


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nobody cares

The answer to all of Life's problems. We can bitch and moan as if we are Socrates on a chilly morning but at the end of the day, the average person is just not going to give enough of a fuck to push pause on their life. All the Live Concerts, fundraisers to non-profits no one ever heard of, hashtags don't mean a thing if you keep voting in politicians that won't do anything and be consistent in keeping said politicians in check.

Easier said than done, I suppose. I stare out of my window as the fall morning breeze pierces my fleece sweater. As each finger strikes the illuminated letters on my keyboard, a slight rumble shakes the house. 8: 20am is normal to feel rumbles as planes fly to the airport. I can feel her warmth as she approaches from behind.

The leaves rustling outside my window, a curious chihuahua sniffing lavender as bees attempt to pollinate in secrecy. More rumbling, more warmth. I wish I had more time to continue to write as she wrapped her arms around me. Her soft, rigid touch of a five hundred foot tall creature as she gracefully uttered, treefiddy, into my ear. There isn't a day that goes by where her voice shatters my soul with ecstasy.

Until then, change needs to happen if you want governments all around to start acting and that starts with the people.

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