Impact of Brexit on economy ‘worse than Covid’


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I’m a European who was living in the UK at the time. I have also lived in multiple EU countries in my life so I am well aware of the benefits you have as an EU citizen and how much the EU facilitates easy movement between EU countries.

I remember the number of infuriating conversations I had with people who simply… did not believe the UK would not receive special treatment. I know it sounds insane but I GENUINELY had multiple people look me in the eye and tell me “They wouldn’t just stop trading with the UK. They need us too much. They say we won’t be able to trade but they will because they need us.”

Also: everyone who says Brexit wasn’t primarily driven by racism/xenophobia is a fucking liar. When I was living there, I, a white person with a somewhat convincing British accent, had SO many people start telling me about why this will be good because of this and that and immigrants… so when I smiled and said “I’m an immigrant”, they always said — in the same ‘nudge nudge’ voice…

“Well… not you…”
“Oh yeah? Then who?”

…It was always about “Real” foreigners (read: the ones from OUTSIDE THE EU OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU NOT GET THIS)

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