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I have read two letters printed here about the Sequim School District Position 4 election.
Both insisted that Virginia Sheppard is the only valid choice because the other candidate withdrew.
It is true the withdrawn candidate cannot accept the position if she wins.
However. in the case she does win, the School Board will appoint a person to fill the position.
It will mean taking a chance on who they will appoint as opposed to electing Ms. Sheppard.
I believe an appointed individual is the best alternative for the following reasons.
After having a long discussion with Ms. Sheppard via the internet I can say without reservation that she holds extreme, radical views and will allow those views to dictate her actions on the school board.
She is opposed to the sex education standards passed by the voters.
Even though those standards allow a parent to remove a child from the classes, Ms. Sheppard insists that the classes need to be removed for all students.
Additionally she insists that Critical Race Theory, a thing that is not taught in Sequim schools, needs to be removed.
The actual choice in this election is this: Ms. Sheppard and her extreme views or an appointed individual.
My choice will be to roll the dice on an appointment, a choice that is just as legal, just as valid and to my mind a better alternative than voting for Ms. Sheppard.
Dennis McBride

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