‘Starve to death’: Kim Jong Un orders North Koreans to eat less food until 2025


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Hmm. Not saying this is not true, but I've re-read the news 3 times and there are no sources for this information. :v

I've also read the original RFA article and the best they say is:

> “Two weeks ago, they told the neighborhood watch unit meeting that our food emergency would continue until 2025. Authorities emphasized that the possibility of reopening customs between North Korea and China before 2025 was very slim,” a resident of the northwestern border city of Sinuiju, across from China’s Dandong, told RFA’s Korean Service Oct. 21.

Not only this is very different than the headline (it's not King Jom Un), but the source is an anonymous resident of Sinuiju which they have spoken to (how?), even admitting this guy's existence, and the fact that someone in the neighborhood watch said that, this is a very long stretch from "the government or dictator said that".

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