Pence Joins Calls for School Board Resignations in Loudoun Visit – Loudoun Now


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Former Vice President Mike Pence called on members of the Loudoun County School Board to resign and for parents to push back against liberal agendas in school during an event at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville yesterday.

The event, promoting educational freedom, drew a crowd of several hundred, also featured addresses from former teacher Monica Gill, who is involved in the high-profile lawsuit against the school district over its transgender student protections.

“The eyes of the nation are on Loudoun County. It’s amazing to think that that Loudoun has become the epicenter of a powerful movement spreading all across this county,” Pence said. “A movement of concerned parents, patriotic citizens, demanding an end to curriculums that divide our nation and accountability for educational bureaucrats who put political correctness ahead of our kids.”

Loudoun County has become a flashpoint in national politics and a battleground for Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, as groups of parents opposed to anti-racism initiatives, which they’ve dubbed as liberal political indoctrination, have rallied against elected officials. Four School Board members are facing recall efforts, and the Leesburg District’s representative Beth Barts already tendered her resignation.

Criticism has intensified since a student who sexually assaulted a classmate in a school bathroom in May was transferred to another Loudoun County school where he allegedly assaulted a second student. As new details emerge, critics claim the board and Superintendent Scott Ziegler that division leaders stifled information about the assualts, and did little to protect other students. Ziegler has blamed short comings of the Title IX reporting protocols for enabling the repeat offense to occur.

The former vice president joined with those calling for action.

“Let me say that the School Board members and anyone responsible for this coverup should resign immediately,” Pence said. “It angers me to think that those crimes happened because some adults care more about politics than the wellbeing of our kids.”

Pence called on parents to engage in their childrens’ education, and defended parents who’d been targeted in a recent inquiry by the FBI for their conduct during school board meetings. In a letter from the National School Board Association, which has since apologized for its messaging, the FBI was urged to investigate possible domestic terrorism by parents seeking to intimidate elected officias.

“The federal government has no business investigating students who speak out at school board meetings,” Pence said.

Pence pointed to Critical Race Theory, which has become the synonymous with anti-racism social justice teachings, saying that children are learning to be ashamed of their skin color.

Many conservatives insist that CRT is being taught in Loudoun Schools. The district has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on racial equity initiatives.The Equity Reportfound that systemic racism permeates all layers of the school district; from hiring processes to punitive actions taken against students, race, the report said, plays a role in outcomes.

“We’re taking on the most egregious example of the radical left’s agenda in our public schools. The doctrine known as race theory. Under critical race theory children as young as kindergarten are being taught to be ashamed of their skin color,” Pence said.

While Critical Race Theory is not being taught as a course in schools, teacher trainings include the application of a progressive understanding of race and how it impacts society.

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