Ukraine, Not Russia, Has Control Over a Major Trove of Ancient Crimean Gold, a Court Has Ruled


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As much as I agree with the sentiment, how far back does this go?

Think how long nations have conquered and ruled over other nations. Think how long those nations have essentially pillaged the losing nation.

A common argument is that the occupying nation will improve the nation by adding technological advancements. This is definitely true, yet doesn't diminish that the nation is being occupied.

At some point we have to say "well, no, that was during a colonial age where anyone with power would have done the exact same thing", rather than "shit, you had more power, now we're more civilised so repay us".

At some point down the line, as harsh as it is on the victims of colonialisation, to demand reparations for events over X years ago (there is no way to fairly assess how long ago this should be placed) is to punish the current generation for the actions of their ancestors, which is also harsh regardless of how much they benefit today.

Look at current Belgium for example. No one looks at them and thinks, damn, they're assholes by default, and they should spend all of their time making reparations to the Congo... Yet they absolutely decimated the Congo.

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