Spanish government to ban advertising aimed at children of unhealthy foods such as chocolate, juices and ice creams


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This has been the law for decades in some European countries, same with not allowing commercials for toys or such directed at children during morning-hours or pre-Christmas seasons.

Children are not adults and as such cannot be expected to have the impulse control, mental fortitude, economical foresight and planning like that of an adult. Hell most adults don't. As such it's intensely callous to direct yourself towards them.

Let alone with something that is quite literally addicting such as sugar. The US is already overrun with it and the lobbyism it brings, thankfully the EU has been kicking in teeth in its defence of food-rights. With the UK and their shitty diet being one of the largest anchors against it but due to brexit no longer so.

The worst part is that it's insidious in its ability to not only addict people towards it, but to also ruin their taste- and appetite towards actually healthy and good food.

Tons of research has pointed out how fat, salt and sugar diets will basically make you crave higher and higher dosages of them to get the same taste-experience, whilst numbing other tastes.

Drawing from reference, a.i. anecdotal, I'm no health-junkie but during my wars with depressions I entirely stopt eating sugars and it's quite fascinating how I basically find full-grain rye or oats tasty as hell whilst I can't stand sodas. Even the old white bread I used to eat taste like it's way too sweet. The worst shame here is that we used to eat sourdough and healthy breads, it's just that industrialization made white-flour ubiquitous and since it had usually been a luxury literally the entire western world threw themselves at it not realising how unhealthy it is.

Again I'm no vegan übermensch or whatnot, more just tired at how we're ruining this earth with our over-consumption that isn't even our own choices but mostly indoctrination, of which sugar and unhealthy foods are a huge part of. I don't deny anyone a unhealthy drunkard food or such, but that's not what these companies who push these things represent.

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