Man with knife stabs at least 10 on Tokyo train, starts fire


As you may know !

Reminds me of the son of one of my old school mates. Aged 17 or so, he suddenly announced that he was actually a wolf, and that his parents aren't his real parents because he's actually the cub of a wolf in a forest.

Given that his birth is literally on video, people were a bit confused. But he continued to protest it, refusing for some time to answer to his name (by which time nobody particularly wanted to talk to him anyway), and briefly joining the local cub scouts as a volunteer until he was asked to leave because he'd been talking to the kids about really being a wolf and was 'too intense'.

This continued for a year or so, which involved a slightly embarrassing incident when he crashed a friend's car while having an impromptu lesson, and told the police that his next of kin were a pack of wolves in a forest.

It reached a bit of a peak not too long after, when he went to a family event dressed in his wolfy fur suit, and his Nanna (whose birthday it was, IIRC) kept introducing him as her "lovely Grandson Ed, who's come as a teddy-bear today!" At every event afterwards, she'd ask if he was going to be 'dressing as the fun teddy-bear again?' which I think deflated him a little.

The story doesn't have a happy ending so we'll leave it there, at the point where he stopped telling people he was a magic wolf in human disguise.

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