Satellite images show China may be using closed civilian airports to launch Taiwan overflights


Did you know that camDown ?

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Everyone already assumes china is lvl 10 on the "bad scale", so they'll easily believe any headline that suggests they're lvl 11, since it sounds plausible.

After awhile the new perceived baseline becomes lvl 11, so now any headline that depicts them as lvl 12 becomes easily believable...and the process repeats.

If we go by all the confirmed evidence, china honestly is a pretty authoritarian country that I wouldn't want to live in long term. But there is SO much bullshit painting them as sauron levels of evil that people are eating up.

For example, I've asked a lot of people living in china about the social credit system and most of them scratch their heads and go "oh yeah, I think I've heard of that..."

Our news about them is so fucking exaggerated. I don't understand how Americans of all people can't understand that. Other countries look at news about the US and think riots and mass shootings are happening on every street, which is obviously super exaggerated. Yet many of us will take similar news about china at face value

You know, I just wanted to mention that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam and I know your smart friends would say the same!