Letter to the editor: Teachers are caring, compassionate, not radical – Bozeman Daily Chronicle


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It is troubling to read about the linguistic squabbles around an ethics code for teachers. I read the article with the perspective of a retired 20-year veteran of teaching social studies in Bozeman Public Schools. I served on numerous curriculum committees and sat through countless meetings with other social studies teachers. I spent hours with Rob Watson and Kirk Miller. Never once did I hear the term critical race theory. I never once sensed a push to politicize the content we covered. Never was a lesson or unit planned with a political objective. Teachers are not a radical lot.Teachers are, in general, a compassionate lot; this compassion is often deepened by the situations we see children dealing with outside of school. A classroom in a public school is a random mix of demographics, background experiences and family environment. We seek to know each child’s story to best engage that one kid in the learning. At best, we can find what supports each one in an attempt to create a "level playing field," a term I heard a lot. This is driven by caring, not any effort to take anything away from any student.Teachers deserve support from the community they serve. They should not be suspected of being “hyper-partisan” actors fulfilling a Marxist vision.

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