Cancún tourists rush to shelter as armed gang storms beach at luxury hotel


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Dude. It is pretty easy to think it would fix everything, but it won't. Cartels now control more than just drug traffic. I guess they took notes from the mafia in NY. They control crops, construction businesses, extortion for protection and the list goes on. I don't think people are fully aware of what is going on. Even fucking roasted chicken businesses are being controlled by cartels. They dictate when and to whom you sell, plus, you have to give them a cut of every roasted chicken you sell.

Shit isn't going anywhere. And who cares, they moved on to meth for a big chunk of their money. You sure you want to legalize meth? I guess, but i don't think it will work. Even with marijuana, which is legal for consumption in Mexico and some states of the USA, they just take control of farm lands to grow it, affecting legit farmers (USA ones included)

You can't put the genie back in the bottle. That is the sense I get from Mexican people.

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