Australian government refuses to join 40 nations phasing out coal, saying it won’t ‘wipe out industries’


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What's more scary is our natural resources have run dry. Our lumber industry was the worst. We sent away such beautiful timber to china en masse and never did anything to capitalize on it. We could have used that coal to process uranium to build nuclear power to have the most intensive energy capacity worldwide and be desalinating water, creating ecological wellsprings using high energy purification processes, advanced our farming industry to be reflective of an energy boon with minimal carbon footprint, turned our iron into products, entered a military industrial fabrication era then started to go into microtech elements, begun mass reef projects and turned Australia into the most lush and vibrant country imaginable simply by investing in ourselves.

Everyone sold out, because there was money immediately, or they could put that money in the bank and be out of office when it came back. The fuckers got rich, and our future got sold.

And now it's time to get the fuck out of here before it all comes crashing down. The point I decided to leave was the last time I went scuba diving. It was like going to see an old, fond ex gf who you loved to death, and then seeing what ten years of meth did to them, a hollowed diseased husk with teeth falling out. I can't watch this shit anymore, and all the 'interventions' didn't do shit (climate change protests) and it just...

Yeah. I'm out :/

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