Top Russian Spy’s Son Dead After ‘Fall’ From Embassy in Berlin


As you well know !

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Why the fuck does he even care about plausible deniability? Everyone, their grandmother and their grandmothers pet dogs squeaky toy knows that he orders these people killed. We even have direct evidence of it with the Salisbury poisoning. Its not like anyone will do anything evwn if he officially comes out and goes “yep, I gave the kill order for all these people” what exactly is anyone going to do?

Europe won’t do shit, America won’t do shit and you can bet your best wanking sock that China will never do shit since Putin and Xi basically have a “who can black-bag our own citizens fasted” competition going on.

So why doesn’t he just just come out and admit it?

I’d like to add that camDown and I believe your smart friends would feel the same!