Poland: Protests erupt over abortion law after woman dies


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The medical investigation in Ireland found it wasn't just Savita - it was a bunch of women who also died in the 2nd trimester in similar circumstances because of being denied abortions.

Savita Halappanavar, a dentist, in the 2nd Trimester, went in with complications in Ireland, asked for an abortion, and was told "Because of our fetal heartbeat law - we cannot perform an abortion" and that law killed her.

You might think that's an overstatement, but that was the same conclusion that the final report by the overseeing agency . The Ireland and Directorate of Quality and Clinical Care, "Health Service Executive: Investigation of Incident 50278" which said repeatedly that

  • the law impeded the quality of care.

  • other mothers died under similar situations because of the "fetal heartbeat" law.

  • this kind of situation was "inevitable" because of how common it was for women in the 2nd trimester to have miscarriages.

  • if one was to save mothers and follow evidence-based medicine the main change needed to include changing the law because their evidence-based medical recommendations couldn't be implemented unless the fetal heartbeat law was changed.


We strongly recommend and advise the clinical professional community, health and social care regulators and the Oireachtas to consider the law including any necessary constitutional change and related administrative, legal and clinical guidelines in relation to the management of inevitable miscarriage in the early second trimester of a pregnancy including with prolonged rupture of membranes and where the risk to the mother increases with time from the time that membranes are ruptured including the risk of infection and thereby reduce risk of harm up to and including death.


We recognise that such [medical] guidelines must be consistent with applicable law and that the [medical] guidance so urged may require legal change.


the patient and her husband were advised of Irish law in relation to this. At interview the consultant stated “Under Irish law, if there’s no evidence of risk to the life of the mother, our hands are tied so long as there’s a fetal heart”. The consultant stated that if risk to the mother was to increase a termination would have been possible, but that it would be based on actual risk and not a theoretical risk of infection “we can’t predict who is going to get an infection”.


The investigation team considers that the situation was complicated by the difficulty associated with the application of the law in Ireland relating to the termination of a pregnancy. The investigation team is satisfied that concern about the law... impacted on the exercise of clinical professional judgement.

The report detailed that there was advanced care, preemptive antibiotics, advanced monitoring, but .... they just couldn't keep up with how rapidly an infection spreads and the mother is killed when in the 2nd trimester the fetus still has a heartbeat but septic and about to rupture.

It's like doctors saying they can't take care of an infected appendix until it bursts. Nobody who has an inkling of logic or reason forces people to wait until a appendix ruptures (and spreads poisons like wildfire) before they can remove it. That non-logical, non-evidence-based, non-scientific approach takes what would be a normal situation that can be dealt with calmly and turns it into a flaming dumpster fire of a situation.

When you read the report and all the attempts that staff took to PREEMPTIVELY help with antibiotics made it clear that even that wasn't enough ... this woman was killed because of the law forced "belief" over scientifically-validated, evidence-based, best-clinical-care medicine practices.

our hands are tied so long as there’s a fetal heart”

You might think this was an Anomaly in Ireland. Evidence shows this isn't the case.

Each time there's a ban on abortion maternal mortality goes up. Mothers are MURDERED by these laws. You didn't like the 5 year old study that showed it. Too bad. Facts don't care about feelings. In country after country, around the world, when abortion is legal, maternal morality (e.g. DEATH) goes down.

In 2013 they allowed SOME abortions and ONLY again if there was maternal risk. Maternal mortality continued unchanged. Then in 2018 in the Irish abortion referendum: Ireland overturns abortion ban and for the first time, Maternal Mortality dropped to ZERO. Z.e.r.o.

Year Deaths Complications of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium (O00-O99) Context
2007 2 Abortion Illegal
2008 3 Abortion Illegal
2009 3 Abortion Illegal
2010 1 Abortion Illegal
2011 2 Abortion Illegal
2012 2 Abortion Illegal
2013 3 Abortion Illegal: Savita Halappanavar's death caused by law and a "fetal heartbeat"
2014 1 Abortion only allowed with mother's health at risk
2015 1 Abortion only allowed with mother's health at risk
2016 4 Abortion only allowed with mother's health at risk
2017 1 Abortion only allowed with mother's health at risk
2018 0 Constitutional change Abortion Allowed
2019 0 Abortion Allowed
2020 0 Abortion Allowed

Data Source: https://ws.cso.ie/public/api.restful/PxStat.Data.Cube_API.ReadDataset/VSD09/JSON-stat/2.0/en from the Ireland's Public Health records at Ireland's national data archival. https://www.cso.ie/en/aboutus/whoweare/ and stored at https://Data.gov.ie

Note this is ONLY mortality and not also morbidity (e.g. kidney failure, hysterectomies, etc.)

And the fact that this is inevitable shows up with a spike in maternal mortality and morbidity EACH time this kind of anti-science belief comes between medical professionals and women's health.

Texas blocked planned parenthood in 2011 and maternal mortality (e.g. DEATH) DOUBLED in Texas and in no other states. Something that wasn't seen in adjacent states, or from the article ....

the doubling of [maternal] mortality rates in a two-year period was hard to explain “in the absence of war, natural disaster, or severe economic upheaval”. .... No other state saw a comparable increase.

Across the world time and time again when abortion is banned ... women are as murdered by these kind of laws as if they were told they couldn't have an operation on an appendix until it bursts. Death and disease for women and more orphans are the results of these blind beliefs overriding science and logic.

The correlation between women dying and these laws happens time and time again and is as clear as the correlation between the COVID-19 non-vaccinated and their deaths and the increase in deaths in society.

Has evidence of increased harms convinced people to get vaccinated? Nope. They die because "from everything they know" it's better to sterilize themselves with horse dewormer.

The question is: Are we are going to use evidence-based medicine to inform public policy or have a faceless bureaucrat get between a competent, evidence-based medical team and their competent patient and have more cases like Savita's with the "inevitable" similar cases in the 2nd trimester?

I don't have much hope for some because many of the same politicians arguing for laws against abortion and ignoring the evidence of maternal mortality are the same arguing against laws on masks and vaccines and ignoring the evidence of COVID mortality.

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