Jamie Donley: Open letter to Biden voters about his list of failures in 10 short months – Must Read Alaska


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(Even as they have recently published a barrage of pro-Democrat letters, the Anchorage Daily News refused to publish a shorter version of my below letter.  Thank you to Must Read Alaska for doing so.)
Anyone who watched the debacle that was the Democrat National Convention last year saw what was coming:
They took God out of the Pledge of Allegiance. (Same as Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant). They had a reverend threaten: “Vote for Biden or go to hell” America. (Pastor Frederick Haynes III)  They mocked and degraded the National Anthem. (Or maybe that was just progressives testifying at Anchorage School Board.) They promised free health care and college tuition to illegal aliens. (AOC)  They called for erasing parts of US History. (Linda LaBehas) They featured an anti-Semite bigot. (Linda Sarsour)The Biden Campaign disavowed her.  They promoted the destruction of capitalism. (Ashley McCray) They made no mention of our police injured by radical criminal rioters. They made no mention of the violent riots in Democrat-controlled cities at all. They villanized innocent people for defending their home. (Or maybe that was just the George Soros backed Democrat DA in St. Louis)  They supported eliminating bail for dangerous repeat criminals causing a crime wave. (Or maybe that was just DeBlasio in New York.)  They called for abolishing prisons, police, and national borders. (J Mi) They called for letting biological men compete against our daughters in sports. (Melisa Richmond)  They announced that if Democrats did not win, it was not their country. (Linda LaBehas) They nominated the only senator (Kamala Harris) with a more radical left voting record than Bernie Sanders.They nominated the most anti-Alaska team of candidates ever.They turned the traditional national convention bump into a bust and actually gave Trump an increase in the polls (Rasmussen polling) until the biased mainstream media covered this all up.
Now America has incompetence and outright malfeasance at every level of the Biden Administration. 
Biden’s approval ratings have now gone lower than President Trump’s ever was.  Remember, prior to Covid-19, Trump’s approval rating made him look unbeatable.
Was Trump abrasive at times? Yes. Was he a great President for America, Alaska, and the middle class? Absolutely. 
Biden in less than one year has lied more about really important things than Trump ever did, when he exaggerated the size of crowds. Biden has from day one been the great divider. 
Even worse, Biden and radical progressives are dividing American families from a fair chance at a successful future. He’s catering to his base, with big liberal policies, crazy radical progressive ideas, and outright anti-common-sense bunk. That is reflected in his polling. 
Let’s recap the Biden Administration so far:
His stupid repeal of all things Trump created the biggest crisis at our southern border in a century. Tens of thousands of un-Covid-tested (and reportedly highly infected with respiratory diseases which are spreading across America) unvetted foreigners are illegally entering our country and being turned loose in communities all over America. Local taxpayers will be paying for this stupidity for decades. This was exactly what was advocated at the Democrat Convention and we all know why – to change the American populous to add Democrat voters. Providing illegal but cheap labor for rich Democrat donors.  Want more proof, Biden just suspended the Trump immigration raids on businesses employing illegal aliens.
The inexcusable failure to use one of the U.S. Department of Defense’s suggested plans and execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan left Americans and billions of military equipment behind. 
Even worse his incompetence got Americans killed. 
Then he lied about it and bragged about a drone strike that killed innocent civilians. And what about the promise to hold the real evil-doers accountable . . . nothing.  Who has Biden held accountable for this debacle? No one but one honorable Marine lieutenant colonel who told the truth about what a failure it was. 
Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was locked up in solitary confinement like a third-world pollical prisoner; even a military judge said it was outrageously improper.
Speaking of political prisoners, while the progressive terrorists that attacked our cities last summer mostly got off scot-free, the Jan. 6 protesters have been treated like Soviet dissidents, locked up without bail in solitary confinement. 
What they did was wrong, but the Biden Administration’s violation of their constitutional rights to equal justice is criminal. 
The corrupt whitewash of the unjustified killing of an unarmed female protester is a stain on the US Congress. In no way did that killing meet even the most basic use of deadly force criteria that all law enforcement are trained to follow.
Speaking of the Biden Justice Department, what happened to his promise to stay out of the criminal justice process? Biden is constantly on TV telling the Department of Justice what to do, including prosecuting more of his political opponents.  His defenders say he is only expressing his opinions that DOJ should be continuing to break the law for illegal partisan purposes, as they did with General Flynn, Russiagate, FISA warrants, and on and on. 
Recently, the DOJ Inspector General found over 200 FBI errors, omissions, and lies in just 29 randomly selected FISA applications. Want further proof? The Biden Administration just restored the disgraced liar former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s pension benefits. This was his reward for committing crimes against the people for the Democrats. 
Now the Biden White House, DOJ, and the FBI are coming for parents that oppose the evil of racist Marxist Critical Race Theory in our public-school classrooms or opposing mask mandates.  Republican U.S. Senators have rightfully questioned Attorney General Garland about his conflict due to his family making a fortune selling materials containing elements of Critical Race Theory to schools districts.
Biden is now the father of record inflation which is crushing lower- and middle-class families. 
The Department of Transportation under the unqualified Pete Buttigieg has completely failed to address the supply chain breakdown on his watch, which is adding to the inflation nightmare. 
Sen. Joe Manchin is correct to predict massive inflation if the Democrats multi-trillion progressive dream list of “human infrastructure” is forced through. It is chock full of anti-energy sector goodies for the “Green New Deal” that directly destroy Alaska’s economy.
According to recent polling, even approval of Biden’s response to Covid-19 is falling fast. He has failed to back China off from threatening Taiwan. North Korea has resumed missile testing. Here in Anchorage his feckless Secretary of State Antony Blinken let himself be lectured by the communist Chinese on human rights.
Anyone with a brain knew Biden’s election was bad for Alaska and Alaska families. ANWR closes down, King Cove Road was blocked, oil development postponed, the list of anti-Alaska policies from national Democrats is long and damaging.
But worst of all is the total lack of accountability by anyone in the Biden Administration and the deep state under Joe Biden. Evil and wrongdoing are flourishing under Biden. It starts with his own son Hunter Biden and the failure to prosecute his multiple federal crimes. 
We all know now that candidate Joe Biden lied during the campaign that the solid evidence of his son’s crimes was Russian disinformation and the mainstream media and tech moguls covered it up until after the election. 
The FBI has now confirmed Hunter Biden’s laptop was and is real and full of evidence of his crimes.
So, I will take Donald Trump’s successful presidency over Joe Biden’s incompetent nightmare for American families anytime.
Jamie Donley is a mom, community activist, and former member of the Alaska Republican State Central Committee.

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