Poland fears ‘major incident’ as Belarus escorts hundreds of migrants towards Polish border


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So to provide some context. Government of Belarus is controlled by a petty man, who wishes to create a leverage over EU. All other attempts have failed, so he loosened all visa restrictions for ME migrants and organized scheduled flights form Iraq, Syria, and few other counties there.

He controls a few travel companies who organize “a tourist package” for Middle East people, in includes a visa approval, a couple days in a hotel, followed by the taxi trip to the border of either Poland, Lithuania, or Latvia, I.e. EU countries. This package for Iraquis cost like $5k, so these people you see have money. Most of those migrants want to go to either Germany or France. These money end up in pockets of the president’s friends, it is not a lot, but it is a sufficient financial incentive to keep the scheme going.

This has started a few months back, President of Belarus tries to use these migrants in a hybrid war, and many of these migrants will die, because they were promised a free pass to Europe, which is obviously a lie.

Borders are being hastily secured with walls being built, and there is a big risk these migrants are stuck in Belarus.

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