Unvaccinated should reflect on their duty to society, Merkel says


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Doesn’t compute in my small German brain.

It's because it doesn't make sense. They claim they have rights and that they should be free, but they fail to realize or reject the fact that we have rights because we collectively accepted limitations on our freedom.

In the state of nature, if you want something that someone have, you can just steal it or kill that person. It don't matter because there is no laws, no rules, no social framework in the state of nature. In the state of nature, the only rule is the rule of the strongest. It's when collaboration appear that rules appear to codify social interactions and make collaboration possible. Without these rules, it's anarchy and it's from these rules that we got our rights.

No you can't steal because if we allow that it will make it impossible to have private properties, trade stuff or even live peacefully in society.

No you can't kill someone because it would make impossible to live peacefully in society.


All these restrictions and stuffs we must do as a way to prevent the transmission of covid-19 is really just an extension of these rules. Allowing this pandemic to keep going on is immoral because it kills people and we already decided that letting people die is immoral because everyone need to have the right to live to make society possible. By extension, refusing to collaborate to stop this pandemic is immoral because it will contribute to deprive some people their right to live.

But these nuts can't understand that. They are either too selfish or too stupid to understand that.

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