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To the editor: Are we re-living a new Civil War? We’re now dependent on mid-east oil and the pandemic has created shortages of goods and food. There’s a double standard of justice with defunding the police driving lawlessness. Whites are called racists and critical race theory supplants math and English to focus on non-gender kids in schools. Illegals have an open door and immigration laws are ignored. Birth to death entitlements are expected with mandates controlling our lives. Stolen elections are the “new norm” permitting one party rule.Democrats and Republicans represent the divide. Democrats support a socialistic culture focusing on equity with government dependency leading us to third world status. Republicans nurture opportunity to achieve the American dream with no government interference and strong defense. President Biden’s election exacerbated the divide. He ran as a uniter but morphed to a socialist.Democrats are cramming radical left values through legislation. Biden says it’ll cost $2 trillion but is free and will reduce taxes 50 percent. This free gibberish only widens the great divide.America's Founding Fathers supported Judeo Christian values in our constitution, promoting liberty and freedom. The divide is between those values and left-wing socialistic values? Only one can survive in the United States.Frank MazurSouth Burlington, Oct. 29

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