Danish sculptor behind condemned Tiananmen Massacre statue seeks legal immunity so he can remove it from Hong Kong


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The PR problems that come from removing the statue could hardly outweigh the problems it is bringing right now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In its current location its an eyesore to the CCP where pro-democracy advocates can regularly gather and use as a symbol. You cant just put an invisibility cloak over it or close the building, if anything that strengthen it as a symbol without solving the main "problem": that it exists in a prominent place in HK.

That leaves them three options: they can make amends with the advocates which would solve the protests that lend the statue power but goes completely against the goals of the party. They can get rid of it themselves; stow it away to some secretive spot or outright destroy it, but that would spark massive uproar from people who view it as censorship, those who see it as the destruction of a true work of art, and both. Or, finally, you got the original sculptor offering to take it back from HK. There will be outrage about the censorship, but that would be a result no matter what the government did. However it placates those whose only interest is its preservation as a work of art, hell, they could pass it off as some diplomatic ceremony where China benevolently returns the piece to its rightful owners. Moreover, now that the statue is no longer on Chinese soil, they can actually censor it now because the only ways people could bring it back to the mainland is through media. Just add it to the list of filters on the Great Firewall and congrats - the annoying statue is no more! Eventually it will fade from the collective populaces memory and it issue is now resolved. It doesn't matter if somebody sticks it in front of the driveway of some foreign Chinese embassy or in a museum as protest - China is too big to get Iraq'd so foreign opinions don't matter as far as the government's power is concerned and what Chinese people do see it will only have seen it as an interesting sculpture they'll see maybe once a decade on vacation.

TL;DR returning it to its sculptor would have the least impact both domestically and internationally among options considered acceptable by the Chinese government. This is literally the best case scenario, and I genuinely think they would be fools not to accept.

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