Migrants Say Belarusians Took Them to E.U. Border and Supplied Wire Cutters


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The economy will not grow through immigrants from the Middle East, lol. Not in the first and second generation. And if you look at previous immigration auch as that to Germany by Turkish immigratants, there will be a subset always causing trouble.

Where is the trouble with population stagnation in the time of automation, etc? And even if, Eg Germany lacks highly educated IT engineers, not the refugees coming

You can make all kinds of humanitarian arguments you like but please don’t act like the illegal immigrants from the Middle East Are of any logical benefit

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Look into France reconstruction projects after World War 2.

The country needed to rebuild its cities and economy and looked outwards for Portuguese and then Algerian populations. Algerians were French citizens until 1962 which made the process initially easier. The independence of Algeria also led to repatriation of those who wanted to stay French citizens.

And this is how France is the country with the biggest share of Maghrebi diaspora. Economic indicators show that it heavily fueled the recovery and the Trente Glorieuses Era of unprecedented growth between 1945 and 1975.

This is a strong example that immigration can grow an economy.

So what happened since then? Economic progress is not everything. The wealth created needs to be shared with those that produced it, otherwise they will feel exploited. And that's one of the reasons behind France's current issues.

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