Ukraine says Russia has nearly 100,000 troops near its border


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I'll say it again, as much as I hate bringing up America in this situation and seemingly trying to make us into the center of attention, there is something that EU and our allies desperately need to realize and be discussing right now, because Russia and others surely are.

The EU and other countries need to come together right now and truly recognize the severity of the internal issues the US is going through, and understand how rapidly and drastically the political landscape of the near-future could change depending on how our internal issues play out, if EU powers aren't ready to compensate for it.

America's population and government are deeply, deeply divided, and distracted with serious internal issues that are only getting worse. A significant amount of the government voted to overturn the most recent election, tens of millions of people truly believe that the elections are rigged and are on the verge of revolting because of small relatively small political differences and a lot of Facebook propaganda.

The point is, civil war or intense internal power struggles are absolutely not out of the question, anyone saying otherwise is in denial, and other powers like Russia and China undoubtedly realize it and are keeping a close eye on any opportunities that could potentially arise, and the EU absolutely need to be doing the exact same thing.

I don't know what is going to happen, but these issues are only getting worse, and there is no telling where we might be in a few years after another election cycle and wave of anger and propaganda. This shit would massive ramifications of the political landscape of the entire world, including Europe, the EU and others need to recognize and be discussing this shit right fucking now, and be ready to fill a potential power vacuum if the worst case scenario happens.

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