Maori tribe tells anti-vaxxers to stop using haka


Were you aware !

Many of them did though, it's just that their rationale is often twisted and based on false, cherrypicked information from a variety of godawful "sources", with every bias imaginable applied. Disingenuous propaganda, alternative medicine sites, even holdovers from Andrew fucking Wakefield, may he rot, to cast doubt upon the fundamental concept of vaccination.

Going through this right now with my dad and his wife - my dad is vaccinated, thank god, but he's making a huge deal about "respecting" the views of others, and he's increasingly starting to doubt established scientific fact and getting annoyed at what he sees as government overreach. Meanwhile his wife is surrounding them with a toxic crowd of "friends" who have convinced themselves that there is "legitimate discussion" in the scientific community, and that they're doing the right thing. Any doubts are met with goalpost shifting, straw men, gish gallop, water muddying, every shit rhetorical tool in the book to make the rest of us seem like the bad guys. Because we're trying to "divide society".

He even brought up the bloody Nazi Germany trope last night to describe vaccination mandates, and suggested we should just let it run and burn itself out. I could cry, I could genuinely just fucking cry. I'm at my wit's end.

Sorry for the rant. Fuck.

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