Sweden prosecuting oil executives for complicity in war crimes – the first time since Nuremberg


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They're Americans who have been destroying the country since 9/11.

Steve Bannon was Trump's campaign manager in 2016 resulting in his election. He's also a career criminal who has avoided prosecution because of his powerful connections for his entire life, until today.

He believes in turning America into a hyper religious ethno-state (by expelling or killing all the non-white non-christians), and believes in an inevitable war between Christianity and Islam in the middle east - during which all the Jews must first be brought to Israel, and then all killed. This will herald the end of the world and the Rapture where Christians will apparently win a holy war and then go to heaven.

So Steve is worth knowing about even for non-Americans, because this is the kind of asshole who whispers in the ears of presidents, and what his motivations are - with global consequences.

Alex Jones was a far-right radio talkshow host who preached the most insane shit for the past 20 years, and had a huge voice with tens of millions of listeners. In this specific case, he claimed that when a far-right asshole killed 26 children in an elementary school, that it never happened - that the Democrats paid actors to pretend to be grieving parents for years, and that the mainstream media was going along with it to smear the right wing.

He also paradoxically claimed that if it did happen, the Democrats shot up the school themselves to make guns look bad. He has been systematically eroding trust in journalism, if not objective truth itself - for 20 years now. While also being the primary loudspeaker of the far-right fascists, and the bat-shit-right-wing Qanon types.

Alex isn't worth learning anything about, but he is emblematic of a now-global trend of crazy assholes leveraging new media to assault reason and polarize politics.

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