Boris Johnson proposes ban on MPs working as paid consultants


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I don’t disagree with campaign finance reform, but we must not kid ourselves that it alone will change the landscape.

Jeb Bush in 2015 raised more than all of Obama’s re-election in 2012 combined, but even with all that cash lost to Trump in primary because media gave Trump hundreds of millions of dollars of airtime free of charge.

And this model of being so controversial that social media and main stream media give you free exposure isn’t a lesson lost on Republicans.

So yes, we should modify SuperPAC funding BUT we cannot ignore that there’s way more to this than just money. Media plays a giant role in this as well. The fact that the Presidential debates and who speaks at them is decided by media outlets also plays a big role in this. People get so caught up in red vs blue because during these debates that’s all the conversation is framed as.

That’s not to say big media is evil. They’re obviously trying to report but they also need to pander a bit to keep revenue coming in. We don’t just need control on cash coming into an election, but we also need a fair to all method for framing those running for office. Not this here’s the person with a R, here’s the person with a D, and that’s all you have to select from that matters. Changing the first past the post method would do wonders for that.

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