UN Responds to Musk Dare With Plan to Tackle World Hunger


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I'm all for Elon Musk, or anyone, spending 6 billion dollars to help feed the hungry and impoverished. But world hunger isn't a money problem it's a logistics problem.

The proposal they've put forward here will feed 42 million people for one year. In this very same plan they state that there are 280 million people experiencing acute hunger. That's a very far cry from "solving world hunger" which is what the challenge was.

Elon Musk should still do it, obviously, and it's a worthy pursuit but let's not pretend this is something it's not.

edit: Holy crap people. I do not need 500 comments letting me know what the director actually said. I know.

Elon Musk was responding to the CNN headline which stated definitively that he could solve world hunger. They ruined the quote.

Musk's exact words were "If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger"- which the above plan does not do. It does not meet the requirements Elon said it would need to for him to donate the money. No, it's not the directors fault his words were mangled. Yes, Elon should have read the article. Yes, he should donate the money anyway.

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CNN is to blame here

Partially, because their title was clickbait crap. But when theres $6B on the table, one would expect Musk to read the article or otherwise investigate the source statements before shooting off a snarky reply on Twitter directed at the dude whose words got mangled.

But we’re talking about Mr. “This diver who hurt my feelings when he said my submarine isn’t viable for this cave rescue must be a pedo!” here, so one must temper their expectations accordingly.

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6B was never on the table though.

It is quite literally impossible to solve world hunger with 6B. You couldnt even solve it with 600B. You could alleviate it, but 6B would at most help a fraction of a percent or be a temporary help to a couple million people.

He knows that. It is why his wording is a non-promise. Because the challenge cannot be fulfilled. There is a similar way to call the promise. "I'll do it when pigs learn the fly"

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Legitimately, people are acting like you can't hire engineers and logistics planners with money.

Long term planning, urban, environmental or humanitarian requires an upfront investment.

Every idiot in these comments acts like the money has to go 100% to food or it doesn't count, and then saying that the money going 100% to food isn't a long term solution.

No fucking shit.

You're creating your own strawman and then smiling smugly as you set him ablaze.

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It doesn't matter how much money you throw at a problem if you don't know how to use it.

The herculean task of "solving" world hunger would require the participation and cooperation of nearly every world government, a restructuring and building out of the supply chain/infrastructure to reach remote/hostile/dangerous areas, and an army of drivers, pilots, farmers, engineers, and security personal along with all the equipment they need to do their jobs.

Some of those problems can be solved with money but things like the environment, geopolitics, and criminal elements can't always be.

Look at North Korea. They get a fuck ton of food aide but very, very little of it actually goes to the people who need it. They horde what they get for the Kim family/government officials. They don't allow inspectors or pretty much any foreign organizations- even humanitarian ones. What do you do? Pay them? Assuming you find a deal that is amenable are you okay with that money fueling their pursuit of nuclear weapons or terrorism against South Korea? Then what if they still aren't allowing independent inspectors. What do you do? Go to war?

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Elon will find an excuse or a reason to not keep his word.

The obvious - and fair - reason would be to say that the challenge was to solve world hunger, not solve a small subset of it for one year.

Someone was nagging him basically "if you sold a negligible amount of your obscene wealth you could solve world hunger", which was utter bullshit, stemming from quotes being repeatedly taken out of context.

He basically said "what you're saying is bullshit, and if you were able to actually make that work, then I'd be in, but you can't, because it's bullshit".

However, now that the distorted version of reality is out there, he might feel pressured to give the money anyways. So in the end, 42 million people might live to starve next year.

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