Canada halts import of goods linked to forced labour from China, Malaysia


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Let me explain why no one actually gives a shit about human rights unless it serves their own agenda. Case in point, the US, UK, Canada and Australia are backing an actual genocide right now in Yemen that was started by the Saudis. Weapon sales aside, the US is also helping out with the ol' drone strike against "military targets" (according to a study, only 1/3 of all targets were actually confirmed to be military). The body count is only around 120k from the fighting after 6 years. But, the main issue that makes it a genocide is the blockade (with logistics ran by the Western countries) that's been in place for years; everything's bombed, there's no food, no hospital supplies, no equipment to rebuild. The real body count from the war is well over a million and over 20 million are on the verge of starvation.

The UN labeled it the worst humanitarian crisis in the world for years now. So we can say objectively, it's one of the worst things going on in the world right now. The way I see it, if anyone, citizen or politicians, actually gave a shit about human rights, surely there would be more attention and outrage. Heck I'd change my mind if even 1 out 10 people knows where Yemen is; that there's a war there for over half a decade; and to what degree we're contributing to the conflict.

We're responsible for knowing the atrocities we take part in, but we look away. We have the ability to protest and stop this, but we don't. If we can do that for the worst humanitarian disaster going on, then you can see why I'm convinced no one actually gives a shit about human rights. People think they do, but it's selective. It's selective to only what fits their preferred narrative. Case in point, which situation is worse, Yemen or China? Which one can citizens in Western countries directly affect and put a stop to? And which one actually gets the most attention?

In other words, it's not the actual atrocities that determines if one cares or not. It's the narrative they believe in and their world view that determines if, and how much they should care. So, no one actually cares about human rights.

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