UK Government refuses to declare atrocities in Xinjiang a genocide


As we jump in, let me say that camDown !

So far every single article I’ve read about atrocities atrocities in Xinjiang have been horribly sourced. It’s always been either a) anecdotal from a small number of people of people out of the 12 million Uighur Muslims in China (you can cherry pick anecdotal evidence to tell any story you want and historians rarely give it credence), video/images whose content doesn’t doesn’t necessitate the truth of the headline, Adrien Zenz (a born-again ultra conservative Christian writing from Germany) or Australian think-tanks. The last two sources have a horrible reputation for poorly cited sources, often citing themselves, and are receive funding from governments that positioning themselves geopolitically against China for reasons that are clearly not human-rights related given their histories.

So far the Uighur genocide looks to me like another war drive propaganda point. A lie repeated often enough it gets accepted as truth. Most countries in the world don’t recognize these alleged abuses either. In fact the only ones who do are the same ones who told us that Saddam Hussein was ripping babies off incubators and going to kill us all with aluminum tubes.

Also looking to Palestine as an example of a genocide that is taking place. There is no shortage of evidence, hundreds of videos from every angle (despite the laws against publishing said videos). Widely corroborated stories, and documented attacks on journalists. Why isn’t the same information emerging from Xinjiang? It’s not like they don’t have video phones, and it’s a largely populated area. And it shares borders with numerous countries, there’s a lot of places to escape or pass along information. And genocides always produce a massive refugee crisis, which were not seeing here.

It makes sense to me right now that the UK wouldn’t want to put its money where it’s mouth is on this.

I am open to evidence, if someone can cite me something that’s not anecdotal, a video that doesn’t necessitate the claims about its contents, or information selectively priced together in a Western think-tank. Just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, though the amount of sketchy articles is on the subject raises a lot of red flags.

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