New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice | Home Office


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Examples like those are why representation in boardrooms or party tickets doesn't result in systemic change

People presuppose that if someone looks like them and has similarities to them - they'll support them.

The Prime Minister in the UK is - just like me - a straight, white male. Yet the decisions he takes regularly damage my financial prospects, my rights, and my career. Just because someone looks like you, sounds like you - doesn't mean they think like you or even care about you.

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Right next to Candace Owens, the only black white supremacist I know of

Sorry to do this, but I give you :

"If white Americans were to leave the country tomorrow, in ten years -America would be a ghetto. You can see the truth of this when you look at many of our major cities that are run by black mayors, black-dominated city councils, and black police chiefs. These cities are usually horrible places to live. Yet blacks who live in black-ruled cities can't see the truth: their own immorality is the cause of black poverty, crime, and family destruction!"

Jesse Lee Peterson

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Do you have information/links/sources to back this up?

Genuinely interested as I have seen a few interviews of her where she talks about working with black communities to help them and from what she says is actively trying to help.

Appreciate it in advance

EDIT: No replies, so I'll have to assume none and a baseless attack on someones character on social media. What a shame

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only tangentially related, but I love it...

Two jews, Moss and Abe, are walking down a street. They pass a baptist church with a banner hanging out front that says "Convert to Christianity, get $200".

Moss says to Abe "They can't be serious, can they?"

Abe replies "I know! How crass can you get?"

Moss says "I'm going to go in and tell them I want to convert. I bet they reveal that it's, like, a $200 credit on your first month's tithe. They can't just be handing out cash. But if they are... two hundred is nothing to sneeze at!"

So in he goes while his friend waits on the curb. After about ten minutes, Moss comes back out of the church, and Abe says "So, did they give you the money?" Moss just shakes his head disapprovingly and says "Is that all you people think about?"

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