China says ‘not aware’ of tennis player Peng Shuai issue


Have you considered !

Awareness makes it more unlikely in the future that people will go willingly into exploitative relationships like that. For them to succeed, people have to be brainwashed into developing feelings for the perpetrator and if they know about that beforehand, it makes it harder to pull off. Nothing more has to happen for that alone to be a huge step forward. I posted this elsewhere, hopefuly it clarifies what I am talking about here:

I know it's not clear, and it's useless to say anything about it, but I still want to say it. I know I'm a hypocrite, I admit that I'm not a good girl. l'm a very bad girl.

About three years ago, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, you retired. You contacted Dr. Liu from the Tianjin Tennis Center and asked me to play tennis at the Kangming building in Beijing. After playing in the morning, you and your wife Kang Jie took me to your house. Then you took me into your room, and just like when we were in Tianjin more than ten years ago, you wanted to have sex with me.

I was very scared that afternoon. I didn't expect it to be like this, with someone standing outside the door guarding. I couldn't believe that your wife was ok with this.

We had sex seven years ago. Then you were promoted to the Standing Committee, went to Beijing, and never contacted me again. I originally buried everything in my heart.

Since you were not going to take responsible for our relationship, why did you come back to me, take me to your house and force me to have sex with you?

I have no evidence, and it was impossible for any evidence to be left at all. Later, though you kept denying it, and denied that it was you who liked me first. Otherwise, I would've never been able to even contact you.

That afternoon, after I rebuffed your initial advances, I just couldn't stop crying. I ate dinner with you and your wife. You said that the Universe is very big and the Earth is just a grain of sand in the Universe. We humans aren't even big enough to be a grain of sand. You said many, many things, just to make me let go of my mental burden.

After dinner, I still didn't want to do it, so you said you hated me! You also said that you'd never forgotten about me in the past seven years and that you would treat me well etc. I was afraid, I was panicking, but I was also carrying all the feelings I had for you during those 7 years. So I agreed. Yes, we had sex.

Feelings are a very complicated thing, and it's hard to explain them clearly. From that day on, I reopened my love for you again. Later, in the days I spent with you, I discovered that you are a very good person, and you also treated me quite well.

Our conversation ranged from modern history to ancient history. You talked to me about your knowledge of the world, and we talked about economic philosophy and other endless topics. We played chess, sang songs, played table tennis, billiards, and of course tennis, which we could always play happily together. Our personalities were so compatible, as if everything matched.

As someone who left home when I was still a child, I have this extreme lack of love in my heart.

In the face of all this, I never thought I was a good girl. I hated myself, hated why I should come to this world and experience this disaster. You told me that you loved me, loved me very much, and that you hoped that in the next life we would meet as a 20 and 18 year old. You said that you were very lonely and that you were very pitiful. We had days where we couldn't stop talking with each other, on topics which had no end.

You said that you couldn't get divorced due to your current position. If we had met while you were still in Shandong, you could've still got a divorce, but now there was no way.

I thought about being hidden and staying with you like this. It was fine at first, but slowly things changed over time, and the injustice and insults grew. Every time you went away, your wife would say all these ugly and insulting things to me behind your back, her words dripping with mockery and sarcasm. When I said I like to eat duck tongue, your wife would tell me - "Eh, it's disgusting!" In winter, due to the smog in Beijing, I said that sometimes the air is not so good. Your wife would tell me that the air was only bad in my suburb, and that she didn't feel it. She said a lot of things like that. When you were around, she didn't say anything like that, acting as if she was one of us. I told you that your wife's words made me feel very uncomfortable.

From the first day I met you until now, I haven't used a cent of your money, and I haven't used you to get any personal benefit for myself. But reputation is really important. I deserve it, and I take the humiliation for myself.

From beginning to end, you made me keep our relationship a secret. I couldn't even tell my own mother about us, even though it was my mother who sent me to our agreed meeting spot, where I would switch cars and then go to your house. She always thought I was going to play mahjong or cards at your house. In each others lives, we were but a shadow of who we really were. Your wife acted like the empress from the TV show "Empress in the Palace", and I can't even describe how unbearable my situation was.

Sometimes I wondered if I was still human. I felt like a zombie, pretending every day to be someone else. Which was the real me? I shouldn't have come into this world, but I didn't have the courage to die. I really wanted to live a simpler life, but that life was not to be. On the night of the 30th, there was a lot of fighting. You said that we would go to your house in the afternoon on the 2nd and we would talk slowly.

Today, you called at noon and said you were busy and you would contact me later, postponing things. Your excuse was that you would contact me again the next day...And just like what happened seven years ago, you disappeared.

You played with me, and when you didn't want me anymore, you discarded me. You said that there was nothing transactional about our relationship. Yes, our feelings had nothing to do with money and power, but I have nowhere to put down my feelings for you from past three years, and it is difficult for me to face.

You were always afraid that I would bring a sound recorder, leaving evidence or something. Other than myself, I have no evidence. There are no recordings, no videos, only my story.

I know that for you, high-ranking Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli, you said that you are not afraid of being in love with me. But even if it is futile, like throwing eggs against a stone, and a moth darting around a flame to destroy itself, I will speak the truth about us.

With your IQ, you will deny it or throw it back at me. You can be as indifferent as you want. You always said that you hope your mother was looking out for you from Heaven. I am a bad girl and I am not worthy of being a mother. You are a father with a daughter. If it was your own daughter, would you force her to do this? Will you face your mother with peace of mind after all the things you have done in this life?

We are both sanctimonious...

Peng Shuai

It looks like she was preyed on, developed feelings for him as a defense for the shame she felt in an effort to try to legitimize what was being done to her (Stockholm Syndrome), and discarded. Her emotional attachment motivated her to initially keep silent then later take to social media to speak out about their relationship after it ended.

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