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Published November 19. 2021 11: 09AM

Just when the liberal Democrats were celebrating the victory of the cultural war, old wounds were reopened in Virginia, New Jersey and all across the nation. Now it’s the left that’s being, “woked” into reality that the conservative right is far from dead and even worse for them, it’s winning.
What changed the game in Virginia and other places was the fight over critical race theory, radical sex education, gender ideology and procured abortion. The roars the left heard were Mama Bear’s anger and instincts in suburbia over what their children were being taught in the schools and their pre-election “threatening growls” were strong enough to turn the predominantly blue state red.
Voter outrage was fueled before the election by the left declaring the cultural war over by forcing conservatives to accept their agenda and move on, that didn’t happen!
The rejection of the liberal Democrats came about because most Americans observed; while claiming concerns for the poor, they were filling their private coffers with millions of dollars. While purposely ignoring our borders for illegals to enter, they were busy building walls around their million-dollar estates to secure them.
While defunding the police, who are the first line of defense for all Americans, they were hiring private security guards to protect themselves. While President Biden and Pelosi were defending open borders with “It’s all about the children,” they were facilitating laws that increased the number of children murdered in the womb.
While claiming that only Black Lives Mattered, they supported Planned Parenthood who many informed black personalities agree promotes the genocide of the black population. Conservatives cannot relax and enjoy these few victories, they must be vigilant and press the attack because the left never tires and will retaliate in full force.
More importantly, what needs to be noted is that God was watching and with this small victory he was teaching us a big lesson; if we continue to think of him first and unite all of our actions with his moral law he will grant America much bigger victories over our evil enemies in the future.
Blessed Thanksgiving to all!
Walter Camier
Hazle Township

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