CNN says China is blocking coverage of tennis player Peng Shuai’s disappearance


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Peng claimed in her post that she first had sex with Zhang more than 10 years ago, when Zhang served as the Communist Party boss of Tianjin, a coastal city to the southeast of Beijing. But Zhang broke off contact after he was promoted to the Politburo Standing Committee in Beijing, according to the post.

Then, one morning about three years ago after Zhang had retired, the post alleges Peng was suddenly invited by him to play tennis in Beijing. Afterward, she writes, Zhang and his wife brought Peng back to their home, where Peng claimed she was pressured into having sex with Zhang.

"That afternoon I did not agree at first and was crying all the time," Peng wrote. After dinner with Zhang and his wife, and following much persuading from Zhang, she relented, according to the post.

"I was panicking and I was scared, and I agreed to it with my feelings for you from seven years ago," the post said.

Peng said she then entered an extramarital relationship with Zhang, but she suffered "too much injustice and insults." She claimed they got into a quarrel last week, and Zhang refused to meet her and disappeared.

It's a bit puzzling that this is grounds for such an intense censorship campaign.

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