Afghanistan: Taliban unveil new rules banning women in TV dramas


Everyone knows !

I think you mean queen regnant, not pregnant. Though it should be noted in medieval society queens were usually only regnant if acting as a regent for a male heir, the only big exceptions I can think of were in Byzantium, like Empress Irene.

Anyway, you also forgot that in most European countries a wife could hold a position her husband had held if he died, meaning there were plenty of female butchers, shoemakers, millers, potters etc. Probably few to no blacksmiths or similar jobs requiring a lot of strength though.

In Northern Europe, women could hold property independent of a man if her husband or father died without heirs, meaning there existed quite a few wealthy female landowners and landlords. In addition you forgot about servantwomen, washerwomen, weavers, maids, tavernwomen of various status from serving wench to alewife, and of course the ever present prostitute. While less glamorous than being some abbess or master artisan, these jobs were still important. Prostitutes, ironically, were likely to be wealthiest women in any European city besides the daughters of nobles or large merchants. While like today your average prostitute would be some down-on-their-luck streetwalker, those lucky enough to work in a quality brothel in a city like Rome or Paris could expected to make more in a week than a peasant did in year. Some of the elite prostitutes in Rome allegedly owned their own luxury villas near the cardinals and nobles.

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