Australia surpasses 85 per cent full vaccination rate


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DISCLAIMER: The vaccine is awesome, it reduces your risk of developing the disease and, even if you do, it drastically reduces the severity of your disease, so go get it you dummy

tbh I don't think the current vaccines are enough. Its effectivity is underwhelming if stopping the pandemic is the goal. It takes only half a year for it to drop its effectiveness preventing the disease significantly (iirc after 6 months Pfizer's had like a 50% protection rate only, although [and this is important] its effectiveness in making the disease milder doesn't lower).

Seems like anti-vaxxers aren't really the problem right now, and it'll take more time to develop vaccines that actually can eradicate covid, not just protect us against it.

AND AGAIN, the vaccine drastically reduces your chances of dying or getting fucked up by covid, so there's no excuse not to get it even if it won't eradicate the virus. And, after a year of people having it without side effects, any legit concerns you could have of "what if it has unknown long term effects" should be gone already.

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