Suspected Neo-Nazi’s astonishing weapons arsenal seized by anti terror cops


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Austrian anti-terrorism police have busted a suspected neo-Nazi and his wife for possession of a huge arsenal of illegal weapons, over a ton of ammunition and a variety of Nazi paraphernalia.

The haul included heavy machine guns, machine guns, handguns, a hand grenade, pipe bombs and other explosive materials, a sniper rifle with a scope, pump-action shotguns, firearms with silencers, and over 1,200 kilograms of ammunition, along with brass knuckles, knives, pepper spray and electric shock devices.

The footage shows what appears to be a large number of machine guns, as well as bolt-action rifles, at least one pump-action shotgun, various handguns, machine guns which appear to be from the World War II era, various rifles with scopes, at least two Israeli-made Uzi submachine guns, and what appeared to be a Russian AK-47 or a similar model.

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