Foxes with deformed feet, missing ears, diseased eyes found on “high-welfare” fur farms


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This is disgusting. I have zero problems with people who wear fur as part of cultural or tradional attire, such as with peoples indigenous to the arctic. They need furs to be able to survive, and certainly utilized all other aspects of the animals carcass.

Whether is be for clothing, footwear, bedding, or shelter building, I have no problem with it. Especially considering it's almost guaranteed those animals were harvested from nature and not taken from a life lived wholly inside a torturously small cage, in complete isolation.

These farms that are breeding, raising, and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of animals a year so that rich people can wear fancy clothes for the sake of fashion though? Absolutely aborhent! I don't care how much money it makes for anyone, it shouldn't be allowed imo. It's just outright systematic cruelty, for the sake of bolstering the egos of the wealthy, or wanna-be wealthy population.

It should have been outlawed years ago, I feel. Hopefully we can take steps to making that prohibition a reality, however I fear it's still a long, long way away.

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