Germany considers a full Covid lockdown and mandatory vaccines


Did you know that camDown ?

Always shuts them up when I say that if we had socialized healthcare my parents wouldn’t be dead.

My condolences. You don't have to answer of course, but I'm curious now. What did your parents die from?

Also, since you asked one or two comments further down the line: The German (and most European - I'm Austrian) economic model is completely normal, run of the mill free market capitalism. The difference to the US is simply a more robust social safety net (including a form of de facto universal healthcare coverage as you alluded to), a higher degree of decommodification (which means more services in Germany are public rather than privatized, again healthcare but also education or mobility being some well known examples) and to afford all of this, the German tax payer, generally speaking, pays a higher tax rate than the American one.

The vast majority of German businesses are privately owned by investors and business owners rather than publicly by the state or by the workers themselves (which would be socialism). You probably know this either intuitively or factually, but the talking point that Germany (or France, or the UK, or Norway, or Denmark, or Europe in general) is "socialist" is mostly an attempt to scare the American people away from all of the above mentioned changes to the US economy. Since there aren't many rational arguments against a socialized healthcare and education system, the end of private prisons, a higher availability of public transports, etc, it's easier to repeat the whole red scare again or argue that the public sector is by definition corrupt and incompetent (which is also a lie).

Funnily enough, since we live in a capitalist system in Europe as well (some Americans like to forget that it was Europeans who invented this system in the first place lol), we suffer from the same short-comings of capitalism. The only difference is that it manifests itself in different ways. Currently, we're in a Europe-wide housing crisis which is a result of the questionable decision to treat housing like a business (commodity) rather than a basic human need like clean water or education. Thankfully, people are waking up to it slowly, but it'll probably be one of the big fights of our generation in Europe (together with decarbonizing the economy and working towards a more federal Europe).

Hope that helps!

EDIT: Oh and here's a nice little speech from the communist party (yes, they are legit communist lmao) in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. If you're interested, you can just throw it into google translate. That was exactly 10 years ago - today they are the strongest party in the Grazer Gemeinderat (city council/parliament) which is kinda funny.

When all is said and done, may I add that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and I am sure your father would feel the same!