Journal Junctions for Nov. 24 | Journal-news – Martinsburg Journal


As you may know !

From Charles Town: Well, let's see, 13 Republicans voted for the infrastructure bill, but 50 are claiming credit, including the biggest blockhead, McConnell, who opposed it and wanted every member of his caucus to vote against it. Politicians are so phony, and the American people don't hold them accountable. Bunch of liars.From Martinsburg: Remember the "science deniers" who used to scoff at global warming? Now that global warming is evident all over the world, these "flat-earth" experts seem to have moved on to other topics, such as denial of helpful inoculations or the use of masks.From Martinsburg: It is so wonderful to have such a warm and caring person in the White House looking out for retirees and senior citizens. Biden has such a great track record of doing so. In 1983, he voted to put a 50% tax on Social Security income. In 1994, he voted to increase the amount of Social Security benefits subject to taxation to 85%. In 2000, he voted against the Estate Tax Elimination Act that would have eliminated certain estate taxes. Unbelievable.From Martinsburg: The traffic jam that occurs every single weekday traveling west between Grapevine Road and Interstate 81 on Route 9 is horrendous. Berkeley County and the WVDOT should have seen this disaster coming decades ago during the planning and construction of the two lanes from Charles Town. Does either have any immediate plans to correct this problem? Can the rapidly growing Eastern Panhandle get some of the BIF money to fix this disaster?From Hedgesville: To Hedgesville: Liberal woke — So what part of your definitions cover BLM riots with deaths, burning and looting? How about critical race theory, where if white, you're a racist and Black, you're a victim? Defunding the police resulting in increased crime? Open borders causing security, crime and health issues? Irresponsible spending causing inflation? Your dictionary definitions sound good. The actuality should get slammed.From Charles Town: The only chance for Democracy's survival is have the moderates of both parties to seize back the power. They are the majority. The fringe radical right Gosar, Greene, Goetz, Trump, etc., need to crawl back in the holes they came out of. Violence is not the answer. Promoting a violent coup attempt — CRAZY. Biden, Sanders, etc., need to realize you cannot eliminate poverty overnight with insane spending. Peaceful discussion and compromise between parties is reasonable and how democracy can survive.

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