Covid: New heavily mutated variant B.1.1.529 in South Africa raises concern


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Lock down South Africa now and ban all arrivals from this region! Stop playing games!

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The UK already has, which is highly unusual given how slow the gov has been to react to all previous variants

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We need more than just the UK to do some travel bans, otherwise the hell's the point?

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Your right, people will just fly to Greece for a week then fly into the UK without having to quarenteen at all..

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Unusual and concerning if our government has acted this fast, which means they’re spooked by this variant by a decent margin.

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It's already out there in the wild globally, South Africa is just very good at sequencing and identifying new mutations and strains because we have the labs for it with HIV/AIDs/TB research.

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My parents flew to Seattle from the epicentre here in Joburg this week, and my sister-in-law and whole family is currently in the air on their way to London.

Assume its spread.

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Well they better appear before border force in the next 3 hours, because anyone who’s been in SA/surrounding countries will be banned from entering the UK at noon today, until hotel quarantine is up and running at 4 AM Sunday.

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I'm really glad to see this level-headed response here. i'm currently living in Joburg, have been in SA all my life. People don't understand that it didn't necessarily mutate HERE, we just have TERRIFIC labs for detecting and sequencing this, which as you say are remnants from all of the HIV/AIDs/TB testing we do. they're incredibly well funded, and experts in the field from the world over come here to study and work, because of the incredible exposure/experience these labs afford them.

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I'll be honest, it's probably already too late. This isn't anyone's fault either. The virus mutated and spread by itself, nobody could know until we detect it and analyze it.

By the time we read this article this new mutation already wrecking SA and has a case in Hong Kong.

It has also been found in Botswana and Hong Kong, the case in Hong Kong being a traveller from South Africa.

Being in HK is bad news because it's a big hub and very likely the virus has spread to China. And once it's in China it will spread to other Asia countries (Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are being very vulnerable here) and then to the West.

Who knows, maybe it's already in the US.

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Being in HK is bad news because it's a big hub and very likely the virus has spread to China

The HK case was when the traveler from South Africa was in their arrival quarantine, it has not spread into the community (HK has not had community transmission since June). Also, there is a 14 day quarantine when going from HK to mainland China, though it will likely be lifted soon with a small daily quota of quarantine free trips for essentials reasons being allowed

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Feels like it's in the US with how suddenly cases started rising again recently. It's probably not, but if what's happening now is just regular delta, then it's a very bad sign of what will happen if this variant lands here.

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