Russian doctors invite prominent anti-vaccine voices to visit COVID-19 hospitals


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It probably wouldn't help much tbh. The problem people don't seem to be convinced in the same ways. Anecdotally, I've had patients or families continue to claim "unknown disease" is killing them right to the bitter end. I've heard families continue to advocate against vaccines despite loved ones in ICU. I've had a patient who nearly died of covid subsequently refuse their booster down the road.

They tried bringing news crews into a few hospitals in Ontario Canada to document the waves. This one is the second wave. This one was about a Toronto ICU.

One was an ECMO regional ICU - a high risk highly invasive lung bypass system. This means it was the sickest regional patients and they were all healthy prior, or else they would not have been ECMO candidates.

In all three, video comments range from "looks like a bunch of fatties" to "yeah right, this looks faked, how much to be a covid actor" to "this is all overblown". Would we get significantly different reactions if they were in person? Would we just spread disease? Would denial continue as I've seen in plenty of covid patients?

Because of my patient experiences and those comments, I have little faith in the remaining vaccine outliers changing their minds. They'll get it, mostly get better, and some will unfortunately die unnecessarily while others suffer needlessly from short and long term consequences.

But maybe it would help more than I expect. I could be jaded!

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