95.9 per cent of adult population in Malaysia fully vaccinated


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certainly possible --I think that through history the world has given the average person today fair reasons to distrust government, mainstream media, or whatever other flow of information, you name it (as in, I think I understand where people are coming from when I see the general skepticism about entities, intentions, ulterior motives and whatnot)

Nonetheless in combination with this late-stage internet/technology big jump it has created a state of chaos where people just don't know what or whom to trust anymore to a core-extent, many just don't know how to distinguish info vs disinfo, facts are no longer facts, now it's okay to disagree and question everything (I think it's good to question things, but if the not-so-bright average person with internet access does this without ever knowing how to navigate reality empirically... sigh... here we are, a recipe for idiocracy in the age of deception).

In the end it's ironic... I cannot say I trust all official entities blindly of course, you need to reason things with a grain of salt, cross-check sources, references, etc... but my mother (58) has ended up in a reversed reality where whatever the global scientific consensus asserts about this pandemic, she sees as the false information because it's obviously a business and the new world order or whatever she thinks, like a conspiracy that she cannot even start to explain logically herself --but then she straight up swallows up anything that is published in the 2 or 3 OBVIOUS pseudo-medicine websites she reads.

It's like she trusts precisely what can be quickly and easily be proven as propaganda and thus book-disinformation (at least by most people born after 1990), while completely distrusting the actual verifiable legit information out there... I feel so impotent about her running around unvaccinated, convinced the this underground-facts are the truth

EDIT --sorry I think I just rambled a lot here haha

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