Ukraine president says coup plot uncovered | Reuters


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They have little to fear and are somewhat in need of a spectacular foreign policy due to the lack of domestic politics.

Russia is controlled entirely by a few oligarchs who are satellites of Putin, it is the epitome of a captured State, sovereign in name only, basically the apex of capitalist development where concentration of wealth and market power ensures that all progress is ground to a halt, the status quo preserved and no meaningful reform can be made due to gridlock, which is why United Russia (Putin’s party) has no platform as far as I know, and you never find information regarding domestic reforms in Russia.

To prevent social unrest, political instability, ethnic conflicts, class struggle and religious strife from spiralling out of control, their method of control is as ancient as human history itself; nationalism, xenophobia, identity politics, culture wars, propaganda and foreign aggression and external threats, all with the underlying motive of economic gain (which is why Russia is interested in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, due to its density of energy reserves). This coup would likely have led to the annexation of eastern Ukraine.

Now, what’s scary is you could exchange Russia for the US in the above and almost verbatim use the same text (Ukraine-specifics aside), because we are also well on the way to becoming Russia 2.0, which is basically the far-right political project. Go to the Republican website and you’ll see they have no platform or policies, wealth and market concentration is at record levels and corruption is rampant, albeit in sophisticated form.

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