COVID-19: Two cases of Omicron variant detected in UK – with targeted testing to be rolled out in affected areas


As you may know !

In terms of impact to daily life, pre/post COVID will be discussed and reminisced MORE than 9/11.

I remember 9/11 was more scary than COVID initially. We (or at least I) thought that large terrorist acts would be a regular occurrence on US soil. My family discussed emergency plans and "what if" situations, but nothing came of it except for wars that were far away.

I thought COVID would be over in a few months. I almost lost my mother in law in those early months, but great doctors pulled her through. Over a year later, one of my employees lost his mom. I've had a bunch of employees call out sick with COVID. Nothing life threatening thankfully, but not something you want to go through.

And now we have to worry about vaccine resistant mutations, hospitals getting overrun again, and the real possibility that this will never end. Will COVID be like cancer and heart disease, just an expected way to die when you get old?

I think it's safe to say the historical significance of COVID will dwarf 9/11.

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