New Zealand Permanently Legalizes Drug Checking, a Global First


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could be just cutting molly with amphetamine, it's just unhealthy even if they don't make it lethal.

Amphetamine/ephedrine/caffeine, much worse for your heart than pure amphetamine. isomer ratio, all kinds of info.

Lots of benefits in testing. I never did, but always checked feedback on what I bought. Plus I never was into downers, but still wouldn't want speed in my molly.

in fact, only thing I'd mix molly with is 2cb, ketamine and weed. those are never cutting agents on mdma, and hell even if, the 2cb is 100x better on the tail end of the roll else it might detract from the experience.

For cocaine, hell just making sure it isn't too pure is a good idea. All kinds of "better off on their own" and if you're dumb enough to mix something that shouldn't be mixed that's on you, as long as there are tests.

Even legal drugs such as wine have been cut with lethal ingredients, that's how far greed goes. Also the best weapon is legalizing the damn thing and having proper procedures to keep a lid on that shit.

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