Letter: Timken believes in school choice – LimaOhio.com


As you may know !

School choice is so important to me as a parent. I don’t understand how our government can let students’ choice of school rely solely on their location.A parent’s choice of education for their child is incredibly important because they are trying to make sure their children have the best chance in life. School choice lets parents decide what education is best for their child in their specific learning needs. Not every child is the same, we cannot force them all to learn the same way.I’m afraid of the radical indoctrination children are getting in public schools today. It’s frightening to see the push for Critical Race Theory that is happening across the country. Ohio needs protection from that. We need a Senator who will make sure that education is strong, that the choice of education is up to the parents, and that children get the education they truly deserve.U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken is the only candidate who I believe will stand up for parents’ rights, not politicians’ preferences. She is the only candidate consistently talking about this on the campaign trail because she knows how important it is to Ohio families. As a mom and as a future United States Senator, I trust Jane Timken to be the champion Ohio parents and kids deserve.Robert OwensSt. Marys


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